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Prepaid Metering

Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative offers prepaid metering allowing you to pay when you want in the amount that you want.

Food, gas and event cell phone minutes, are all things that we pay for before we use them.  Why not pay for electricity before you use it? Prepaying can offer a good solution for members who move frequently, own a rental property, are in college or the military, or who are facing financial difficulties. 

Prepay Service Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to pay a deposit with a prepaid account?

No. There is never a deposit required with prepaid metering; however there is a $50 prepayment required for initial service that will be applied as a credit toward future energy use. If you are already a Cape Hatteras Electric member who has paid a deposit, it will be directly applied to your account.

Will I still receive a bill each month?

No. Instead of receiving a traditional paper bill, usage is calculated daily and you purchase electricity as you need it using cash, check, debit or credit card. Payments, usage, charges and prepay balances will be available under Member Center/My Account or by calling the office during normal business hours.  Account balance updates can be received daily via email or text.

How do I know when my balance is getting low?

Low balance alerts and notifications are available via email or text message, or online under Member Center/My Account.

What happens if my balance reaches zero?

Your electricity will be subject to immediate disconnection any time the account does not have a credit balance. To restore your power, you must purchase more energy. Payments can be made in any amount, however if the service is disconnected due to a credit deficit, a payment of the outstanding balance plus a minimum prepayment of $25 must be paid before service will be restored.

How much money should I keep on my prepaid account?

That is entirely up to you! That is one of the benefits of prepaid metering. You can create the program that fits your budget and make purchases on your own timetable. You can purchase enough electricity to last a week, a month or more!

Will I lose my capital credits?

No. With a prepaid account,  you are still a Cape Hatteras Electric member. You still accumulate capital credits based on the amount of electricity you purchase and receive your portion of capital credit funds that are retired over time.

How do I know if prepaid metering is right for me?

If it is easier to make daily or weekly payments rather than one large monthly payment, a prepaid account might be right for you. Statistics indicated that prepaid metering programs often help to lower consumption due to members' awareness of usage patterns. You will notice patterns in your daily usage that can help keep electric costs down. Setting a payment schedule also helps you control your budget. 

If you are interested in monitoring and lowering your electricity use, you may potentially benefit from a prepaid account.  Call our office at (800)454-5616 or (252)995-5616 for more information.

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