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Kite Safety

Hatteras Island is the perfect location for kite flying of every possible variety!  Kiting on Hatteras Island can be pleasurable provided that those participating are responsible kiters. As with all hobbies and fun activities, there are safety issues that must be initially addressed. CHEC has had several incidents of kiteboarding equipment and personal hand held kites becoming entangled in our power lines. This can result in loss of electric power, serious personal injury and possibly loss of life. Never kite alone as the wind of Hatteras Island can become strong very quickly, taking the kite in directions not intended. Be sure to watch out for signs indicating hazardous areas. 


Kite Safety Tips:

  • Before gearing up and letting your kite soar, check the immediate area around and above you to make sure there are no electric power lines in the immediate vicinity.
  • Never kite alone.
  • Remember, the wind on Hatteras Island can become strong very quickly, taking the kite and flyer in directions not intended.
  • Exercise safe and courteous behavior when using kites. 

Sunset over the Pamlico Sound with pink clouds with a sign in the foreground that reads, "Kites prohibited within 150 feet of power lines"

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