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Frequently Asked Questions

Office Information

Where is your office located?

Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative is located at 47109 Light Plant Rd in Buxton, North Carolina.

What are your office hours?

We are open from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

How can I pay my bill?

You can always pay your bill at the Buxton office during normal office hours, or drop your payment off in the drop-box beside the front door if we are closed.

Members can pay by phone by calling (252)995-5616 or toll free (800)454-5616 during normal business hours. You can also pay on our customer service portal, with our mobile app for Android or Apple phones, or through our premium text alerts and reminder option. 

You can mail your payment to CHEC, PO Box 9, Buxton, NC 27920.

Bill Questions

How much is my bill?

Your total due will appear in the "Total Due Now" block on your bills. The amount due is also listed on the payment stub.

When is my bill due?

The due date is listed near the middle on the right side of your bill. It is also listed on the payment stub.

What is the rate per kWh?

See our Rate, Fees & Deposits page for details.

Other Questions

What special services does CHEC offer?

In addition to delivering quality electric power to the residents and visitors of Hatteras Island, CHEC offers the following programs and services:

How often do power outages occur?

Power is not interrupted very often on Hatteras Island. Inclement weather outages are always possible, but do not happen often.  We work hard to continually maintain and upgrade our electric lines and equipment so that outages can be avoided whenever possible. When a scheduled outage is necessary for maintenance, members are contacted by email, web, radio and flyers.

During a hurricane, do you turn the power off when the wind reaches a certain mph?

No. Cape Hatteras Electric Coopertive does not turn off power for hurricanes. We strive to maintain quality electric power at all times. Our linemen are dedicated and work in extreme weather until conditions become unsafe. 

How long does it take to restore power following a hurricane?

Power is restored as quickly as possible after a storm. Sometimes, we have help from neighboring Cooperatives and contractors. If Hatteras Island is inaccessible, there could be delays in power restoration. If you have a medical concerns or require electric power for life support machines, we recommend that you evacuate the area before storms threaten to arrive. Personal generators are great back-up systems but for safety sake, they must not be connected in such a way that would allow power to flow back onto the electric grid. They also depend on a fuel source that may be in short supply during a hurricane.

Is there a certain order to the method of restoring power?

Yes. When a major power outage occurs, CHEC crews work to pinpoint problems as quickly and safely as possible. They start with high-voltage transmission lines. These facilities must be repaired before other parts of the system can operate. Next, crews check distribution substations. They inspect to see if problems stem from transmission lines feeding into the substation, the substation itself, or if problems exist down the line. Next, distribution lines are checked. These lines carry power to large groups of members in subdivisions or neighborhoods. 

If local outages persist, tap lines are inspected. These lines deliver power to transformers outside businesses, schools, and homes.

If your home is without power, always call (866)511-9862 to report the outage. This helps CHEC crews isolate local issues. 

What is the diesel generation plant in Buxton for?

The diesel generators on Hatteras Island are owned and operated by North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation (NCEMC). NCEMC is a cooperative that generates and purchases electricity on behalf of 25 North Carolina electric cooperatives. The generators are bid into the PJM regional transmission organization and are called upon during times of peak consumer demand. Additionally, the generators serve as a source of limited backup power for CHEC when needed for transmssion maintenance or emergencies.


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